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Download Free Desktop PC Wallpaper, Backgrounds, Screensavers For Your ComputerIf you're a fan of hot air balloons you'll like these desktop wallpapers for your computer. These are high quality (compressed for wallpaper) photos of hot air balloons that make a great desktop wallpaper with plenty of room for your  icons!   How To Use


Tyrannosaurus Rex Balloon
One of the most unique hot air balloons ever made. Makes an interesting wallpaper.

Canadian Maple Leaf
A truly unique hot air balloon in the shape of the Canadian Maple Leaf. This wallpaper has plenty of icon space 

T REX Hot Air Balloon
This hot air balloon is made in the form of a T Rex and is down low to let everyone have a good look. A desktop wallpaper with lots of  room for your icons.

99 Red Balloons?
A nice wallpaper for your desktop. Colorful with tons of space for a busy desktop.

Flying Dinosaur
This unique balloon loves to entertain as it flies by. A desktop wallpaper that has medium room for icons.

Trolling For Photos
A cool blue workspace but plenty of rich color with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.

In The Trees
Seeing T Rex coming towards your BBQ will bring the party to life. This desktop wallpaper has medium space for your desktop icons.

Flying The Flag
You can almost touch this Canadian Flag as it passes overhead! A unique balloon and a colorful wallpaper with smaller amounts of space for icons.

Show Off
Ideal desktop wallpaper for a busy desktop. T Rex gives a final goodbye. A wallpaper with tons of room for icons.


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