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If you're a fan of speed sports like drag racing or speedboat racing you'll like these desktop wallpapers for your computer. These are high quality (compressed for wallpaper) photos of things that go fast!   How To Use


Muscle Car Burnout
Cars of yesteryear doing a burnout before the race. Medium space for your desktop icons.

No Smoking Area
Muscle car burnout before a race. A wallpaper for your desktop with minimum space for icons.

Jet Cars
Jet cars flame out before a race. A desktop wallpaper with medium room for your icons.

Race On!
A gorgeous wallpaper for your desktop. Colorful slightly busy, with medium space for icons.

Nova Burnout
A red nova doing a burnout before the race. This desktop wallpaper has medium room for icons.

Moderate workspace but plenty of color with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.

Smoking Speed Boat
A beautiful day for a race.
If you're waiting for the clock to strike 5 this desktop wallpaper may help.

Doc's Out
No wonder you can never find a doctor! A colorful wallpaper with plenty of space for icons.

Ideal desktop wallpaper for a busy desktop.
Colorful yet tons of room for icons.


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