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If you're a fan of the boats, fishing or water you'll like these desktop wallpapers for your computer. These are high quality (compressed) photos of fishing boats, pleasure craft, lakers and more.   How To Use


LakerFisherIcon.jpg (4953 bytes)
Fisherman and Laker Wallpaper
Fisherman trolling for something big has tons of space for your desktop icons.

SharingIcon.jpg (4991 bytes)
Fishing For A Laker Wallpaper
Trolling for something big is a colorful wallpaper for your desktop. Crisp with lots of space for icons.

BigRedIcon.jpg (5439 bytes)
Senior Laker Wallpaper
Red is a desktop wallpaper with room for all of your icons. A great laker wallpaper with plenty of work area.
FishingBoatsIcon.jpg (5950 bytes)
Boats At Dock Wallpaper
A gorgeous wallpaper for your desktop. Colorful and crisp with medium space for icons.

Sailboat  Wallpaper
A summer afternoon all alone out in the sailboat. No one around for miles!  Lots of workspace with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.
FishingIcon.jpg (5233 bytes)
Fishing Wallpaper
A summer day and the living' is easy. Moderate workspace and plenty of color with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.
ComingGoingIcon.jpg (4505 bytes)
Fishing Too Wallpaper
A beautiful day for fishing.
If you're waiting for the clock to strike 5 this desktop wallpaper  may help.

Fishing Boat Desktop Wallpaper
Fishing boat back from an early morning run.
Plenty of room for your icons with this desktop wallpaper.
FourBoatsIcon.jpg (4357 bytes)
Four Boats At Dock Wallpaper
A gorgeous wallpaper for your desktop. Colorful, slightly busy, with medium space for icons.


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Please Note: These wallpaper images are original content and are Copyrighted materials. They are provided "as-is". You may use them for a personal, non-commercial computer's desktop wallpaper, background or screensaver.  There is no permission given to use these Copyrighted wallpaper images for any other use, including any other website!
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