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If you're a fan of Butterflies, Bumble Bees and Flowers, you'll enjoy these desktop wallpapers for your computer. These are  quality (compressed) photos that should make your desktop a little brighter.   How To Use

RedIcon.jpg (8053 bytes) Trumpet Vine Wallpaper
Deep red trumpet vine after a summer morning rain shower.
Makes a lovely desktop wallpaper / background / screensaver.

ButterflyIcon.jpg (7291 bytes)
Butterfly 1 Wallpaper
A close-up of a butterfly hard at work on a orange red zinnia flower.
Makes a great wallpaper / background / screensaver..

BeeIcon.jpg (5891 bytes)
Desktop Wallpaper
Bee hard at work on a  fuschia colored zinnia.
Plenty of icon room and lots of color on your desktop with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.

Image5.jpg (9126 bytes)
Fuschia Zinnia Wallpaper
A brilliantly colored zinnia makes a great wallpaper. Plenty of space for icons to be organized and a bright way to start your day.
ButterRedIcon.jpg (8198 bytes)
Butterfly Wallpaper
A butterfly hard at work on a deliciously colored red-orange zinnia. Lots of workspace and plenty of color with this wallpaper / background / screensaver.
OrangeBeeIcon.jpg (7788 bytes)
Bumble Bee Wallpaper
A bumble bee hard at work on a brightly colored orange zinnia.
Plenty of room to organize your desktop icons and still enjoy the color.

For Your Desktop
Roses make a nice desktop wallpaper and this one has plenty of room for your icons.
Butterfly2Icon.jpg (6411 bytes)
Butterfly 2 Wallpaper
A close-up of a butterfly standing on it's head on zinnia flower.
A fine wallpaper with plenty of room for many desktop icons.
Butterfly3Icon.jpg (7101 bytes)
Butterfly 3 Wallpaper
A close-up of a butterfly enjoying a summer afternoon on a  zinnia.
Makes a nice wallpaper with lots of room for your desktop icons.


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