Official Canadian Tourism Websites

Official Tourism Websites In Canada

If you're planning a vacation in Canada you'll want to bookmark this page of links to all Official Canadian, Provincial & Territories Tourism Sites in Canada. Many feature vouchers and deals for food and accommodation to get you started out on your journey and interactive maps to help you find your way. These sites are full of outstanding information concerning local activities presently taking place in addition to upcoming events in the communities you would like to visit. Whether you're out to see the entire country or going on an enjoyable little day trip, these official tourism sites know what people prefer to see and do.

Enjoy your vacation in Canada!



Official Tourism Sites by Province / Territory:

  Tourism CANADA
Current passport and visa requirements, Canadian public holidays, currency matters, where to book accommodations online
Boasts unparalleled scenery and the kind of terrain that beckons outdoor enthusiasts from around the world
  British Columbia
Accommodations, maps, events, driving routes for BC's six regions including Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Victoria
The best places to go and things to see and do in Manitoba. Accommodations, star attractions, restaurants
  New Brunswick
Explore natural wonders, top attractions, scenic drives, entertainment,  festivals and events today
  Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland & Labrador offer adventure, attractions, tours, festivals, crafts,  icebergs, whales, natural beauty and much more
  Northwest Territories
Take in our music and art festivals, spring carnivals and outdoor sporting events all year round
  Nova Scotia
Tour the Cabot Trail, watch the Bay of Fundy high tides, enjoy seaside hotels, join a tour or visit Cape Breton Island
This website will give you the feeling of being in Nunavut, and provide you with resources to help you plan your trip
Events Calendar, Travel Information, Travel Tips, Weather, Maps, Directions, Currency Converter
  Prince Edward Island
Biking, adventure tours, arts and craft tours,  restaurants, heritage and cultural experiences
  Québec Tourist Site
Use the map to locate places, roads, tourism businesses, and create your own itinerary 
Festive towns and cities, and friendly people will make you feel right at home.
Travel guide, maps, events, activities, accommodations for Yukon Territory vacations