Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

What is a "Stunt Kite" | "Sport Kite"

This seems to be a fairly frequent question while flying. So here are the basics of what a Stunt Kite is:

A Stunt Kite is usually a kite that is controlled by 2 or 4 lines. The lines are attached to a set of handles that enable the pilot to "steer" the kite by holding a handle in each hand. When you pull the handle in your right hand the kite moves to "it's" right, by pulling your left handle the kite moves to "it's" left. The most common type of stunt kite is the Delta Wing, although other types of stunt kites are very popular.

edgeCV.jpg (14430 bytes)Many kite tricks can take long periods of time to master, but the basics of flying are generally picked up quite quickly. In no time you may find yourself doing figure eights, loops and skimming sweeps just inches off the ground.

Don't be surprised when people stop and stare at what you're doing - it's a beautiful sight to see! A person new to stunt flying may find a small narrow kite too fast and harder to control, some good advice would be to buy a little larger, wider kite as it is a more predictable unit to master.

The higher priced kites will allow you to fly in
lighter winds making more outings successful. The fabrics and spars are higher tech, lighter and allow you more flying days per year. If you haven't flown a kite for a while  you're going to want to try a modern stunt kite - they're not "toys" anymore!

Stunt kiting is one of today's hottest new sports!

Fly safe and have fun!