Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

Launching Your (Delta) Stunt Kite   


Launching your stunt kite without the assistance of a helper is an easy procedure.

Although there are many different ways to launch your kite, we have found this to be the easiest for a beginner to do as it's straight forward and doesn't require any special skills.

First let's assume that you have made both of your lines the exact same length and have checked that they are not tangled.

Each time you launch or re-launch your kite, be sure to examine the integrity of the sail and frame and also check that the spars are seated and not starting to splinter.

stealth2.jpg (9135 bytes)With the wind at your back place the kite face down on the ground with the nose facing into the wind to prevent lifting.

Walk backwards into the wind unravelling the line from the handles as you go.

When the line is completely off the handles place a stake such as a tent peg into the ground and slip your handles over it to hold them in place.

Walk back to the kite and stand it up on its wing tips, lean it backwards slightly to ensure it is not lifted by the wind.

Walk back to the handles and pick them up gently so as not to disturb the angle of the kite.

With a brisk tug on both lines, step back and the kite will take off.