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How To Sleeve Your Stunt Kite Line

While some expensive stunt kite lines come pre-sleeved when you purchase a kite package or line package, it is important to know how to sleeve the premium kite lines such as Spectra. If you need to adjust your kite's line length or if your line breaks or is cut by another kite line, you'll need to re-sleeve it. Sleeving kite line is very simple to do and will give you a sense of satisfaction  knowing that your kite will fly better using your new setup. If it's time to sleeve your kite line, these easy to follow steps should help get your sport kite line set up just the way you want it and have you flying your kite with new found flight control that the more expensive line brings.
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Bend a thin piece of wire in half and make a sharp point at the fold.

Take an 8-12" piece of hollow-core Dacron and heat seal both ends to stop fraying.

Insert the wire about 1/8" from the sealed end of the Dacron. Work it up the inside of the sleeve and exit about 1/8" from the sealed end.

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Take one end of your kite line and pass it through the folded wire where it exits the sleeve.

Pull the thin wire and the kite line back through the sleeve.

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Allow approximately 1/4" of the kite line to extend out the end of the sleeve.

Tie a knot in the *sleeve* close to the end where the kite line exits.

Hold the end of the sleeve where you tied the knot and stretch the Dacron with your fingers to make it smooth along it's length.



sleeve4.jpg (16188 bytes)Loop the sleeve back and tie two overhand knots just in front of where the kite line enters it. 

Tying the second overhand will help prevent it from bunching up.

sleeve5.jpg (26526 bytes)

Once your line is completed, it is ready to be attached to the tow point of the kite with a lark's head knot.

Tighten the lark's head and slide it down until it stops at the end of the tow point.