Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

Basic Sport / Stunt Kite Flying

Some basic kite tips to keep in mind when flying your kite, both before flight and during flight.

Before flying, check your kite to make sure it's in good condition, the kite's sail, frame, bridles, swivel, line and handles should all be checked.

Stunt Kite Tips and TricksCheck your kite and equipment for cracks, rips, loose knots, worn line etc.

Keep people and pets from wandering into your flying area while your kite is in flight. If you explain that they would get a better (and safer) view from behind you, they may agree with you. If the area is not clear, don't fly.

Don't fly your kite near power lines, airports, flight paths or roadways.

Don't fly your kite in storms or with wet lines as they can conduct electricity.

Don't fly kites over people, pets or their property. Most urban parks are being used almost constantly by different groups of people and a fast moving kite or fly line hitting one of them has the potential to cause injury.  
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Kites can produce extreme pull and speed, increase caution with the size of your kite.

Use good sense when choosing a kite for your wind conditions, experience, and your size.

Kite line can burn and cut through skin. Never launch a kite by holding the line instead of the appropriate handles/spool, and wear gloves when appropriate.

These safety tips are the basics, almost any book on kites will also have tips on safety as well as other good ideas.

Fly safely, and have many great days with your kites!