Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

Landing Your Dual Line Delta Kite

Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks


The easiest way to land your stunt kite is to fly to the edge of your wind window in the field that you are flying in..

You will notice how the kite slows down and begins to run out of wind and speed as it approaches the edge of the wind window.

                       WWindow.jpg (8705 bytes)

Your kite should be about 1 foot to 3 feet above the ground as it reaches this point.

When the kite is almost stopped at the edge, turn the nose up and at the same time take a few quick steps toward the kite.

Stepping forward takes the last of the wind out of the kite's sail and it should land gently on its wing tips, ready to re-launch when you're ready.

This will take a little practice but will come easily in time.