Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

                                           Kite Festivals   

The largest and oldest kite festival in the world takes place in Ahmadabad, India, on the 14th of January every year. This festival is open to all with upwards of 100,000 kites or more in the sky. The festival spreads across the city of Ahmadabad as thousands of local kite fliers take to the rooftops to do battle with one another for a portion of the sky.

North American kite festivals are events worth attending simply to have a great day with family and friends. The kids will be more than entertained with the sights, sounds and activities and the parents will get a real eye opener as to just how large some of these kites can get.

Kite festivals usually have some of the most exotic kites as well as some of the most practiced pilots and most are open to having a friendly conversation as well as answering any questions you may have regarding their kites.


Stunt Kite Tips and TricksIf you've never been to a kite festival or even heard of such a thing, you'll want to look into finding one in your area, there are some links below that will assist with your search.


Bring a picnic lunch and some chairs to enjoy the sights and don't forget your own kite toflywhile you're there.


Some of the events found at many kite festivals are:

Team flying: An impressive part of any kite festival. As many as eight pilots fly within inches of each other while performing their choreographed routine to the amazement of onlookers. The music only adds to the excitement of watching these teams fly.

Rokkaku battles: Events in which individuals or teams compete to cut the strings of opposing kites or knock them to the ground. The last kite still in flight at the end of the contest is the victor.

Kite building workshops: Great for the kids providing some fun where they can build a simple kite and give it a try while they're at the festival

Stunt kite competitions: Extremely popular at kite festivals as competitors are judged on their performance of compulsory figures as well as a ballet, which involves the pilot flying his or her interpretation of the music being played.

Enormous "Festival-Kites": These are found only at kite festivals. They are surprisingly large, colorful and a sight to behold.

Demonstrations of wind power:  This is where buggies and pilots are towed around the field by specially designed traction kites.

Teddy bears with parachutes or candy dropped from kites will definitely entertain the kids...and the kids at heart.

You'll find lots of colorful ground displays and exhibitions at most of these kite festivals so don't miss it if one comes to your area.