Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

Measuring Wind Speed For Your Kite

To get an idea of what the wind speed is, you can utilize a system called the BEAUFORT SCALE.

It was invented in 1805 by a British Admiral named Sir Francis Beaufort, it uses smoke, trees, leaves etc. to judge wind speed.

The scale ranges from force 0 to 12 (calm to hurricane), it is not generally a good idea for new pilots to fly in winds over force 6.

Being familiar with the scale up to force 6 will help you with your kite flying and bridle adjustments.









Calm: Leaves Still, Smoke rises 0 0 0
Light Air: Leaves Move, Smoke drifts 1- 3 2-6 1
Light Breeze: Leaves rustle, Wind felt on face 4-7 7-11 2
Gentle Breeze: Leaves and small twigs move 8-12 12-19 3
Moderate Breeze: Small branches move, Flags Flap 13-18 20-30 4
Fresh Breeze: Small trees sway 19-24 31-39 5
Strong Breeze: Large branches move 25-31 40-50 6