Stunt Kites :   Tips and Tricks

Attaching The Flying Lines To The Kite

 How to make a larks head knot and attach it to your kite's tow point(s):

Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks

Take the loop at the kite end of your fly line and hold it in your Left hand so that the loop is open like a basketball hoop. Take your Right hand's thumb and forefinger and insert them into the top of the open loop in the fly line. Once your thumb and forefinger are through the loop spread them wide apart.
Note the
sleeving on this line.

Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks

Rotate your right wrist so that your thumb and finger are now pointing skyward, you should notice that both your finger and thumb have a loop of line around each of them.

Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks

Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your forefinger. Using your left hand, slide the 2 loops of line up to the point that your finger and thumb are touching.

Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks

Until you're familiar with making the knot, you can slide both loops onto your index finger. Your larks head knot is complete and you're ready to replace your index finger with the tow point of your kite. <see below>

The Kite's "Tow Point":


sleeve5.jpg (26526 bytes)

Slide the lark's head over the knot at the end of the kite's tow point. Tighten the larks head and slide it down the tow point until it stops at the knot.

You're done!