Snow Blower Remote Chute Repair
Part 2
Briggs & Stratton, Canadiana, Snapper, Murray, Ariens and Craftsman
205cc Single-Stage Snow blower
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This is a great little 22" Single-Stage Snowblower with a strong (for a single-stage) Briggs and Stratton 205cc engine. This snow thrower features the OHV 800 Snow Series winterized four-stroke engine with a joystick controlled chute and an electric start. It's sold under many names including Briggs & Stratton, Ariens, Murray, Snapper, Canadiana and Craftsman.
The complaint that many have expressed with this snow blower is that the joystick / handle that controls the chute rotation stiffens up and eventually stops turning the chute altogether.
Searching the net didn't explain what was wrong or how to repair the remote chute so here's a quick guide. This is a simple and free repair and could even be considered maintenance every couple of years.
After this repair, the chute should turn butter-smooth when the remote handle is pushed or pulled.
Briggs Stratton Snowblower

Once the rust has been carefully and thoroughly removed with sandpaper and steel wool, the housing will look and feel smooth like this and be ready for "plastic friendly" grease. Here you can see that white lithium grease will be used.
Grease snowblower chute gear housing 

Apply generous amounts of grease to anything that rubs together. The other side of this chute rotation gear will also get a bit of grease, as well as the teeth of the chute rotation gear for good measure.
Grease snow thrower chute housing and gear 

The large gear rubs on the chute mounting plate as well, so grease was applied here before re-assembly.
Grease white lithium snowblower 

Re-assemble very loosely so you can fine tune the position of the chute. In this case the chute rotates a little farther to the right than to the left to fit the pattern of the particular driveway it snowblows.
Once you're happy, remove the chute and tighten the rotation gear housing bolts while testing that nothing is being pinched as you do so. Keep in mind that some of the lag bolts are screwed into plastic - don't strip the holes.

Replace the snow blower cover and chute in reverse order and feel how smooth that chute turns now.

Remote chute re-assembly snowblower. 

Snowblower reassembled and ready for another season!
Single-stage snow thrower 

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