Save Money And Take Control Of Your Finances

Saving money is easier said than done these days. If you still have a paycheck, it likely hasn’t increased at all over recent years, while living expenses have inflated out of control. Many people have been permanently laid off and either can’t find work or wind up substituting their old job with one that pays substantially less than they used to earn. It’s an employer’s market, and quite frankly they consider the money they saved through lower wages to be better off in their pockets than in yours. Getting the most out of each dollar is the key to surviving in the new economy and you’ll have to be vigilant as to where you can and can’t save money or the results could devastating. The golden rule of “spend less than you make” is harder when you’re earning a fifth of what you were at your last job, but life can still be great with a little attention to your new budget. Most people put off cutting costs and making a concrete budget until they amass debts so high that paying them off would be unfeasible; don’t let this happen to you. If it’s already happened to you, an emergency plan will help get you back on track. Hopefully you'll find these links to approved and intriguing financial sites beneficial while surviving these frustrating times. Save Money And Take Control Of Your Finances


  Our Top 10 Best Money Sites
Search for advise on everything associated with making headway with your financial life.
  The Simple Dollar
For those people struggling with debt or attempting to save money and eliminate poor spending habits.
  The Nest
Tips on how to break out of debt, save your money, end your money bickering and take control of your spending.
  Woman's Day
Group knowledge and support with earning, spending and saving can assist you in taking charge of your finances.
  Rainy Day Budget
A free budget tool that makes creating and maintaining a budget simple without entering sensitive information.
Encouraging competition in gasoline pricing by offering a way for visitors to view and post local gas prices.
This is the place to convert your crafts into cash buy selling hand-crafted quality created by gifted individuals.
A free, yet powerful and flexible accounting program designed to track bank accounts, income and expenses.
Make money from unused rooms in your residence with those who are looking for a short term stay.
  Lending Club
A financial community of savvy investors and  borrowers that lending to, and borrowing from each other.
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