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Spring Lawn Care


Spring is the time to build or rebuild your lawn into a healthy, thick ground cover.

Spring Lawn Care Tips:

Spring is the time to get out and apply some springtime lawn care tips to your grass. Your lawn has had a long winter and will require some basic lawn care in order for it to grow strong and healthy through the summer months.

Before mowing season starts there are a few things you can do to get your lawn off to a healthy start.

When your lawn has dried sufficiently from it's thaw and is firm enough to walk on, it's time to get your favorite rake and get out for a little sunshine. Vigorously raking your lawn in the spring is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

Raking removes dead grass and debris and fluffs up the grass that has been compacted by snow load over the past winter months. Caution: raking too soon in the season can remove healthy grass as well as dead, wait for the grass to start growing before raking too vigorously.

Lawn Care Tips And Tricks | Spring Lawn Care Spring is a great time for over seeding your lawn. Overseeding is essentially sprinkling grass or clover seed by hand, adding new seed to your current lawn so that it grows to be a thicker, more weed resistant lawn. Grass seeds will have a much better chance at germination if the temperatures are cool and the weather is wet, making spring and fall ideal times for over seeding. Some insist on covering their grass over-seed with topsoil, while others maintain that applying the grass seed after lightly raking to get soil contact is sufficient for spring over-seeding.

Consider rolling the lawn if you feel extensive frost bumps or heaves. Roll the lawn in a side to side pattern then again in an X pattern to get the most even coverage.

Consider aerating your lawn if your lawn has been compacted by heavy traffic and you’ve noticed that it doesn’t drain as easily as it once did, or if it has suffered heavy use or compaction in previous years.

Spring is also the time to apply a slow release spring fertilizer. See this page for more info.

With this minimal amount of care, your lawn will be off to a great start this spring. The healthier we grow our grass in the spring, the thicker it will be to shade-out weed germination and provide a beautiful setting for family members to enjoy.


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