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What is an Organic Lawn? Organic Lawn Care Tips

An organic lawn is really no different than any other lawn you are used to seeing in the neighborhood. The difference in an organic lawn is how it's maintained. Man made fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are not used on an organic lawn.

Organic lawns are also safer for kids and pets.Making your lawn organic will be a long term project, you want to end up with a rich healthy soil to support vigorous grass plants.

You can start your shift to organic lawn care by starting to compost. When you have made enough compost or have purchased a good compost mixture to top-dress your yard, use a shovel and leaf rake to spread the compost over your lawn evenly. Once you've finished top-dressing with your favorite mixture you'll need to brush or rake the grass blades to assist the top dressing in reaching the base of the grass. When the grass blades are free of soil you can give your lawn a light watering to start the release of the nutrients to the soil and roots below.

Adding compost to your soil serves many purposes including adding depth to your current soil and attracting beneficial organisms and earth worms to aerate the soil. Compost also improves the soil by regulating water drainage rate, it also helps to naturaly balance the PH levels in your soil and slowly releases nutrients that your grass needs to grow strong and healthy.

Since tilling compost into your lawn is impossible without starting the whole lawn over again, you will need to top-dress the lawn with organic soils and composts over a longer period of time. It may take years before you have the perfect soil but it will be worth your time in the end.

Often, people top-dress with compost or a compost-topsoil mixture right after their lawn has been aerated, helping the compost to get down deeper and faster via the plug holes left by the aerator.

Remember to cut your grass long and leave the grass clippings on the lawn when you mow. You might also want to consider a mulching mower. Mulch and grass clippings add nutrients and organic matter back to the soil to enrich it and help keep it from becoming a hard dirt.


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