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Core Aeration For Your Lawn


Soil core aeration is one of the most beneficial lawn maintenance procedures you can do to create and preserve a healthy lawn. What is core aeration? Read on...

Core Aeration Machine TractorIf your lawn has been compacted by heavy traffic or you’ve noticed that it doesn’t drain as easily as it once did, or that water tends to run off slopes much faster than before, it's likely your lawn needs to be aerated.

While de-thatching the lawn was popular in years gone by, most agree that de-thatching is no longer recommended for your lawn. It causes stress to the existing grass, but more importantly, it tends to create thin or bare spots for weeds to germinate. Aeration is now the preferred method to decrease soil compaction as well as break up the thatch layer.

Aeration mechanically removes small plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn to provide for air, nutrients and water to reach the root system where they can be more easily utilized.

Normally annual aeration is sufficient for a good healthy lawn while heavily compacted soils may require additional aeration.

A thick thatch layer or compacted soil reduces the penetration of water into the soil. Thatch layers can repel water, thereby making it less possible to get a good soak of water down to the root zone. 

Pieces of your lawn are removed with each plug so that surface air and the root zone below the soil surface can interact with each other. The aeration process will leave plugs on the lawn but these will crumble in a few weeks. 

If you don’t aerate your lawn’s soil, your grass roots will tend to weave themselves into each other instead of growing downward into the soil.

Aeration helps to increased root activity as your grass roots branch out and face less competition from the compacted soil which results in a thicker more robust lawn.

Aeration should be performed at least once per year in either the spring or fall.

Compacted earth and thatch can prevent water and fertilizer from deeply penetrating the soil, this tends to cause the roots of the lawn to grow near the surface. Core aeration breaks up the compacted soil allowing the water, fertilizer and air to saturate into the root zone.

Aerating Your Lawn: The Core Aeration Method: Aerated lawns are better able to tolerate periods of summer drought due to the deeper root growth that aeration promotes.

Weeds can tolerate compacted soils a lot better than your grass can, therefore your weeds have a germinating and growth advantage over your grass if your lawn is not properly aerated.

The soil cores or “plugs” that are pulled out of your lawn will break apart on the lawn surface and mix with the underlying thatch and help to accelerated the decomposition of the thatch layer.

Soil core aeration is one of the best things you can do to create a healthy, thick and robust lawn.

A superior aeration is accomplished when the soil has a higher moisture content. If you are contracting out the core aeration job, ask them if they would like you to water the lawn the night before they come to your home to do the work.

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