Is Vegetable Garden Worth The Time?

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Is a vegetable garden worth the time invested? Absolutely!

Fresh vegetables on the table every day is not only important for your family's health, it's also a big help in keeping your grocery budget in line. If the perpetual raising prices of fresh vegetables have got you reeling then you're in for a treat when you realize just how easy it is to grow your own in the back yard or even a small place like a balcony.

You'll never have to worry about what chemicals have been sprayed on your fruit and vegetables as you'll have fullGerminating Seeds control from seed to table. If you're not a big vegetable consumer then you may be surprised to see your vegetable consumption skyrocket. Fresh homegrown veggies clearly taste better when they've been picked literally minutes before eating and you will likely find you're more agreeable to the new tastes than you were with store-bought veggies.

Your veggies from the store are likely more “well travelled” than you are. Store-bought fruit and vegetables can travel more than 1000 miles from the farmer's field to your table, it's no wonder that home grown veggies taste so much better.

Not knowing exactly where your food was grown or under what conditions, how it was handled or who handled it, can be other major reasons for starting your own garden and reaping the spoils of fresh vegetables grown with your own hands. Food safety is a major concern for most countries as international shipping becomes more the norm in food supplies – some of the techniques such as food irradiation are concerning to some and comforting to others. Not having to worry about it as you eat your own product is the best feeling of all.

PeppersIt's likely that your (non-organic) store bought vegetables have been sprayed with some sort of pesticide. Most communities won't allow you to spray pesticides on your lawn because a person or pet might chance a walk across it – yet it's apparently fine to EAT vegetables if they have a little pesticide residue on them. Eating food with excessive pesticide residues may cause acute and/or chronic adverse health effects, so why take the chance when growing your own vegetables is so easy.

Vegetable gardening has become quite trendy over the last few years; it's likely several of your neighbors are already doing it. Seed companies are reporting huge increases in sales – notably since the most recent recession started.

The start-up cost for a garden of your own can be very little and the savings can be huge indeed. Even the seeds can be found inexpensively at the dollar store in the spring or at reasonable prices from companies specializing in seeds. Composting will provide rich soil to supplement your garden soil. Used or even new lumber for a raised garden is not expensive if you choose to go that route. Tools can be found dirt cheap used or on sale. Large containers for balconies can be found in the spring at the roadside as people start to plant large trees on their properties and throw out the containers. Use your imagination and a garden full of fresh veggies can be yours for next to nothing!

Get Growing, Get Greedy And Eat Your Veggies!