How To Change Map Colors On The TomTom with ".clr "   Scheme Files

Changing map color schemes on the TomTom XL330 GPS for example, is easy. It pretty much walks you through it by itself. After downloading and un-zipping the .clr color schemes, place them in the "schemes" folder of your TomTom directory. (If you've ever downloaded a color scheme from TomTom "HOME" you likely already have the "schemes" folder in place.)
Allow your unit to re-start so it sees the new information and you're ready to choose your new map colors.

Here's a walkthrough of how simple it is to set up a day scheme and a night scheme using a TomTom XL 330 GPS as an example. The preference buttons (below) are highlighted to help you see which ones to look for. Remember, if the TomTom GPS is not picking up satellites it will display a very plain map color until it does (this lets you know it's not quite ready yet). If your TomTom's satellite reception is poor in your home, you may have to go outside to let the GPS come to life and show you the new color schemes that you've chosen.
Tap - Change Preferences  
Tap - Change Map Colors  
Tap - The Colorful Abstract Icon  
Tap - Your Daytime Choice  
Tap - The Colorful Abstract Icon Again  
Tap - Your Nighttime Choice -  You're Done!  


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