Frugal living may take time
                                   but offers time in the end.


  Frugal Living as a lifestyle includes things like reducing or discontinuing expensive behaviors, waste reduction, using self restraint when purchasing goods and services, avoiding the confines of the social “norm” and finding quality products and services for free or deeply discounted prices.

Frugal Living people have discovered that they have virtually the same “things” as their neighbors, yet through craftiness and strategy they work less, pay less, stress less and enjoy life much more than people earning many times more than them.

Frugal living is somewhat like a chess game, you have to plan ahead and know your strategies and goals. The cool thing about the Frugal Living game is that there are millions of people around the world willing to advise you and help you out. It's a game that people are proud to play and most are happy to show you what they do to live frugally, and what ideas have worked for them.

Frugal living may take time but in the end offers time.
For example growing a garden that will provide fresh organic vegetables for your family year round takes a little time. Those same fresh organic vegetables would have required you to work many hours to enjoy the same or lesser product. A frugal person chooses to be out in the sun harvesting the vegetables while a non-frugal person may choose to work a whole lot harder to keep up with those perpetually rising grocery bills. Another example might be saving a fortune by cancelling your cable or satellite and getting FREE DIGITAL TV channels - the picture quality is BETTER than you're used to and it's all legal!
The home garden and free HDTV are just a couple of examples, finding hundreds of simple things in the “game” lets you choose which ones will easily fit into your lifestyle and which ones are too much of a pain to be worth the savings.

As with the garden example above, you'll soon start to notice that the product that Frugal Living provides is often better than the product you're working those extra hours for. The system wants you to work more – frugal living simply lets you work less for the same things, or acquire more for the same amount of work.

There are so many strategies to the game of Frugal Living and each one brings you closer to your personal and family goals. has assembled what may be the best list of frugal sites on the net and we strive to find better ones as they appear.

Check out's  list of the Best Frugal Living Sites and see what others are doing to enhance their family's lives through frugal living techniques. In most cases the links are country specific but all of the sites are helpful and inspire new ideas. 

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