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Free Online Classified Ads Fast Convenient and Effective.

If you haven't been using the free online classifieds, you've been paying too much for your products and services. Today's online classified ads can connect you with a good selection of new or like-new products at a fraction of the cost of retail and are usually tax free. Many quality services can be had for discount prices or through a bit of negotiating.

Often contest winners list their winnings as a source of income instead of keeping a prize that they would never use. They may not need another smart-phone or another GPS unit, so they list it online. You may find yourself doing this on a regular basis after visiting The Greedy Brain's contest pages.

The responses received on ads placed on free online classified ads are huge compared to local newspapers. This is often because the seller is allowed to post several digital photos for each item listed – helping the buyer see exactly what they are purchasing. The ability to search the Online Free Classifieds has the power to match a buyer and seller far more efficiently than a list on paper medium.

As a buyer you want to learn the basics of haggling as the price shown is rarely the final price. It never hurts to ask in a polite way if the seller would consider taking less than the price listed. In almost all cases they will. You'll want to study the photos of the product carefully and compare the price of the seller to retail as well as other classifieds selling the same product in the same condition.

As a seller you'll likely want to add a few dollars to the price for wiggle room. You'll want to do research on what the item sells for, both retail and on other classified ads and state them on your ad. Don't forget to calculate what your buyer would pay retail, including taxes and total it all up for them - to help them see the great deal they are getting.

Neither you nor the buyer want any surprises when the buyer arrives to pick up the item. You'll want your digital photos to be clear and taken from as many angles as you can upload photos. Give all the details about your product that you or others know about it. Be sure to include any specifications or noted selling features listed on the box or packaging.

Be specific about your item's condition, for example: "small scratch on bottom right side", and try to photograph what the scratch looks like so the buyer won't make the trip for nothing if such damage would trouble them. Most people don't expect the item to look brand new and fully intend on cleaning and refurbishing it to a certain extent when they get it home.

If your item is new in a sealed package, make sure not to open it as this brings an added premium to the selling price. You may want to disclose how you came to own the product to help the buyer understand why you are selling it. This could be a contest win, present, raffle etc.

If you have the option, give your general location, maybe a nearby intersection. When buyers are calculating the savings when buying from you, many will take into account the gas and time involved in picking up the item - then again, many don't care.

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