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Three easy ways to legally acquire free digital TV channels with a simple antenna:

We all want to reduce our bills and watch TV for free. Sure you can find some online TV shows but can you watch full screen digital TV for free without buying an expensive HD antenna? Absolutely! Learn how to choose the best TV antenna for your situation and so much more! There are a few ways to watch crystal clear HDTV for free so lets have a look at a few and see what the easiest way to start watching free TV is.

- Over The Air – OTA Using an antenna, in or above your home. Simple and inexpensive setup for free digital TV reception.
- Free To Air – FTA Using a (preferably motorized) dish or multiple dishes. More expensive, requires skill in setting up.
- Internet TV – Many of the C-band FTA and Ku-Band satellite stations can be found on the Internet - many non-English.

Over The Air OTA AntennaOver The Air (OTA) free TV signals have been changed from Analog to Digital. In the United States, the switch happened in 2009 and Canada followed suit on August 31st 2011. Keep in mind that digital doesn’t necessarily mean all channels will be HD. Free High Definition TV channels do require digital broadcasting to send High Def “Over The Air" but don’t expect every channel be transmitted in High Def as many stations are still SD (Standard Definition) digital TV.

With some research at the sites below, you will likely come to the conclusion that OTA (Over The Air) is often the most economical choice between FTA and OTA and frequently has a better picture quality than FTA. The OTA TV signal you will be picking up with your antenna from local and semi-local towers is often uncompressed and has pure digital audio. (below) will even allow you to input your home's location and show you what digital and analog channels you could expect to receive for free with an over the air antenna. They'll even give you a printout to help you aim your antenna!

Programming available Over The Air is usually a little more of what you’re used to seeing on cable TV as far as movies, sports, local news etc. In contrast, many of the available FTA channels are non-English programming. Depending on where you live, you can find great programming and unbelievable digital TV picture quality using a rather inexpensive antenna setup to receive nearby OTA channels. If you live farther away from the towers you will have to purchase (new or used) a little more expensive setup, possibly including a small mast, but it's still all very affordable. If you live in the middle of nowhere you likely will not have an OTA option unless there is a tower in the vicinity, so FTA will likely be your choice for free TV channels. 

When you do discover the free OTA channels that are HDTV you'll be blown away, the picture quality is better than either Satellite or Cable as OTA doesn’t use compression. Signal compression has become the norm for satellite and cable to add more channels while conserving precious bandwidth. OTA High Definition TV channels are so clear it will amaze you when you first tune one in, but even the channels transmitting digital SDTV (Standard Definition) picture quality is incredibly clear when using an antenna to receive Over The Air Digital TV


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There are currently 3 ways to acquire free TV channels:
Free  Digital TV Channels - Over The Air  - OTA
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