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Winter Driving Tips  Canada


Winter driving can be dangerous. Here you'll find some tips to make winter driving safer for you and your family:

Winter Driving Tips * Make your vehicle ready for winter by reviewing the tips on the preparing your car for winter page.

* Remove snow and ice from mirrors, windows, lights and roof before driving away.

* Do not use your cruise control on slippery roads.

* Take along a winter survival kit with you. (See Winter Car Prep)

* Allow yourself additional travel time in winter weather trips.

* Consider postponing a trip whenever the weather is nasty.

* Maintain a larger space cushion than normal between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

* Let the vehicle warm up sufficiency to clear fog, ice and snow from the windows to provide clear visibility out each window.

* Check the weather forecast for warnings of heavy snow, blizzards, freezing drizzle, freezing rain, severe cold and high winds before leaving home.

* Use your headlights rather than daylight running lights so as to have the tail lights on simultaneously.

* SLOW DOWN, the posted speed limits are suggested for ideal road conditions.

* Keep your fuel tank at the least half full during the winter months.

* Steering your vehicle with smooth and accurate movements will decrease the likelihood of a skid.

* Travel with a fully charged battery in your cell phone (preferably with GPS capability).

* Recognize that ice and snow are actually more slippery when the temp is near 0C than when the temp is at -20C or below.* Watch out for black ice at temperatures between -4C and +4C. Black ice looks shiny and black; it oftentimes appears on and below bridges as well as shady sections of the road.

* Tell somebody where you're going, the route you plan to take and when you anticipate arriving at your destination.

* Pay careful attention to the road as far in front of you as you are able to, be prepared for the unexpected.

If you do find yourself stuck after going off the road or trapped in a snow bank, here are a few tips from the professionals:

* Keep a window opposite the wind open a little to get an ample supply of fresh air.
* Run your engine as little as possible (about ten minutes every hr.).
* Ensure that the exhaust pipe is not clogged by snow.
* Use a candle from your emergency kit for heat rather than the vehicle’s heater when possible.
* You can lose up to sixty per cent of your body heat through your head so have a warm hat in the car and wear it.
* Set out a warning light or flares.
* Apply the dome light instead of leaving on headlights. (Overutilization of headlights could run your battery down.)
* Exercise your arms and legs frequently to keep warm and to increase your circulation.
* Remain alert while awaiting help, alternate sleeping if there's more than one person in the vehicle.
* Keep a close lookout for traffic or searchers.

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