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Rental Car Tips Canada


There are numerous reasons why you might find yourself renting a car or truck. It may be moving a friend or renting a car while yours is being repaired - these tips will assist with the process.

First you'll want to do some research regarding the companies in your local area. Check with national and local companies when conducting your search and check the rental car company’s internet sites for deals. Narrow your search results down to a few companies that are nearest to your pick up / drop off location.

Before you book online explore the net for coupons or promotional codes - be sure that you read the conditions carefully when using coupons.

Most rental companies ask that the car be topped up with gas before returning the vehicle, if you forget, they'll charge you additional for the favor - so bring it back full of gasoline.

Inquire what the fee is if the car is required for longer than anticipated as well as what the late drop off fee will cost.

Companies gain big revenues from insurance fees. Check into your insurance policy to see if it addresses a rental car. It's likely that your automobile insurance covers rentals as well. Call your agent to verify it.

It may be convenient to rent a vehicle at the airport but you'll likely pay additional for it. You can most likely rent a car from your hotel and just use the hotel shuttle from the airport.

Inquire about the companies' inspection sheet – it should include things to check before accepting the car such as: the brakes, headlamps and turn signals, the exterior and interior of the car for cosmetic damage, tire pressure check, fluid level checks, windshield wiper check, power windows, radio and heating unit, likewise you may want the owner's manual for locating hidden controls, setting the radio etc..

Check the rental company's policy concerning other drivers, generally if you wish an added driver you'll need to acquire written authorization from the rental company.

Companies will expect you to present your driver's license (and proof of automobile insurance if you will not be purchasing their insurance) and a major credit card.

For one way rentals, make a point to verify the drop-off charge, they vary and can be pricey.

You'll be able to cancel your reservation but you need to give as much notification as possible and make certain to save a note of the name of the individual you talked with in case any disagreements come up.

Return the car on time if you can, the rental agency may charge you as much as an entire days rental fee extra if you don't.