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Calculate Your Miles Per Gallon or Kilometres Per Litre



Calculating your Miles per Gallon or Kilometers per Litre is easy with these simple steps.

* First you'll need a notepad and pen handy in your glove box for the next couple of fill ups.
* Drive to your favorite gas station and fill your car's gas tank up to the top.
* Before leaving the pump you will need to get out your notepad and record the date.
* Now reset your trip odometer to zero.
* Drive as you normally would and when you're near empty return to the same gas station and fill up the gas tank.
* This time you will record the trip odometer reading, the date and how many gallons / liters your car's
gas tank took before it was full.

At this point you have enough information to get a good idea of your car's gas mileage. The more times you complete the above, the more fine tuned your numbers will be for your car's gas mileage.

Now the simple calculation:

Take the miles travelled from your trip meter reading that you recorded and divide it by the gallons it took to
refill your tank. For example 100 miles on the trip meter divided by 10 gallons recorded from the gas pump = 10
Miles per Gallon 100 / 10 = 10

Kilometers per Liter:
If you are calculating metric kilometers per litre use this calculation:
Divide the trip odometer reading in kilometers by the liters used to get the mileage. 1000 kilometers recorded divided by 100 liters pumped in the gas tank = 10 kilometers to the litre.

There you have it; you now know how efficiently your car is using the gas that you're pumping into it.

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