Stimulating The Human Brain
Researchers are now saying that regularly engaging in hobbies that are intellectually challenging could stave off Alzheimer's and increase human brain power. This finding supports other studies of the brain that appear to substantiate the age-old saying: "use it - or loose it".


Here, you'll find a list of enjoyable, intellectually challenging hobbies to consider when you want to stimulate your brain. The experts agree - games, puzzles, learning new skills and other mental exercises are great strength training for the brain!

Unleash your creativity and discover how building new pathways in your brain can be stimulating, healthy and fun!

Stimulating The Human BrainEducational board games:
Polyconomy and the ever popular Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit provide immense fun and can get those brain juices flowing as you take on your adversaries.

Jigsaw puzzles:
Try putting together a puzzle on a quiet afternoon. Even the puzzle has grown and developed in new and ambitious ways. Three dimensional puzzles add an element of challenge and an exciting finished product.

Kite flying:
The sky is the limit!   Try flying a modern stunt kite. With the advent of dual line, quad line and traction kites, this sport is not what you might remember from childhood. Learning new tricks and competing with friends can offer years of stimulating fun!

Use your talents:
Sewing, knitting, crochet and cross-stitch are marvelous ways to use your hand & eye coordination and entice your brain.

Chess, checkers or backgammon:
For an even bigger challenge for your brain why not join friends in a game of Chess, Checkers or Backgammon. Developing strategies, using your memory and analyzing the board to overcome your opponent is a fantastic way to get a great brain workout.

Tap into your creativity:
Whittle wood, paint a portrait, take up photography, go for a hike, write a song or start a wood-working project. Think of ways to create items that are uniquely yours. You don't have to be an artist; the best way to find your niche is by trying a lot of different projects. Kick-starting your creativity is a amazing gift for your brain.

Don't forget to get proper sleep:
Sleep requirements can deviate along age and the individual but sleep is considered to be sufficient once there's no drowsiness or dysfunction during the day. You'll likely need about 7 to 8 hours a night.


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