Laughter, Humor, And The Human Brain

Research has established that laughter genuinely is the best medicine, especially for the brain.
Laughter is widely known to improve our outlook as well as our overall health. 


Laughter, Humor, And The Human BrainScientists have just recently started to take laughter and humor a lot more seriously.

Ongoing research is proving that laughter and humor are so beneficial to the brain and body that it may very well prove to be one of the best medicines going.

We don't choose to laugh, it just spontaneously happens. When we hear someone laughing we'll likely feel a smile coming to our face without even hearing the joke.

When we're laughing at something funny we experience a falling of our anxiety levels and a rise in our energy levels .

Laughing makes us feel that all is right with our world and acts as great stress reliever.

As many as 80 muscles are used to experience a really good laugh. Our body gets a good workout when we laugh and we actually burn calories while we're at it.

Endorphins are released when we laugh. Endorphins not only promote a feeling of well-being but are seen by most doctors as the best natural drugs of all.

Laughter involves the cerebral cortex of the brain and is closely related to physical and mental health.

New research using fMRI or "Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging" has shown that a good laugh is treated the same way by the brain and in the same area of the brain as a reward. The brain appears to consider a laugh a great treat! fMRI scanners utilize magnetic fields that cause iron atoms in the brain's blood flow to emit radio pulses. These readings are converted into easily understandable images that show differences in blood flow as the brain does different activities such as listening to music or hearing a really funny joke.

A recent study indicates that humor and laughter may also be good for your heart. The study determined that folks with heart disease were forty percent less likely to laugh compared to folks of the same age without heart disease.

Laughter loosens up the body and has been demonstrated to reduce the difficulties linked with hypertension, arthritis, strokes and ulcers.

Laughter reduces stress and muscle tension, which helps to keep the brain alert and also helps the brain to remember more information and enjoy an overall better memory.

Research proves that laughter can be the best medicine. Try to laugh a little more for your own health and well being! You may just find people around you joining in on a good belly laugh as most can't resist a healthy laugh to brighten up their day.

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