The Human Brain | Facts and Myths

The Human Brain
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  Brain Facts
Scientists and researchers bring us closer to understanding how the brain really works.
Ask your doctor if you should consider giving your brain an added boost. Learn how to supplement your brain's diet.
  Improving Memory
Learn how to help improve our brain's memory:. Find new ways and means of improving your memory.
Why does music stir up the emotions in us? Find out the connection between emotions, music, and the brain
  Brain Stimulation
Find ideas and activities that you can use as "strength training"  to invigorate your brain.
Learn how sleep is imperative to the brain. Techniques to help give your brain the sleep that it needs.
You should be laughing more, find out how laughter can do wonders for your brainy here...
Brain teasers, games and puzzles to help your brain grow... Learn how to exercise your brain through simple games.
  Brain Quotes
Specially chosen quotes pertaining to the brain. Quotable quotes regarding the human brain.
  Brain Foods
Learn how to feed your brain with the foods that it craves. Give your brain the food that it needs.

The human brain is the GREEDIEST organ in the body.
The brain weighs approximately 2 percent of  body weight, yet the brain devours nearly 20 percent of the body's available energy resources.